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Driving (in a car, bus or by train) can be boring – so when I don’t read a book, I listen to podcasts. Finding podcasts is not hard, but finding good ones is not always easy. So with the hope to direct some of you to interesting new podcasts, here are the 5 podcasts I am currently listening to.

StartUp (Gimlet Media) hearstartup.com

1658216_664853586969386_1370545346294930446_oA somewhat famous (at least in the US) radio producer launches a startup that makes podcasts – and tells the story of how he creates this new business on his first show. While it’s sometimes a tad creepy when he records his friends and wife in private conversations, the show manages to tell a personal and emotional story,  while still teaching a few lessons to future entrepreneurs: launching a startup is not easy, but very rewarding!

ReplyAll (Gimlet Media) replyall.limo

1397548_1492579781007505_4529169965695104966_oThe second show from podcast startup Gimlet Media – it’s about the internet. Again, the producers try not to be the 3485.214th show that talks about the new Facebook rules and how to reach more influencers, instead they manage to find the unknown and bizarre stories created by and around the world wide web. If you want to hear what a medical student has to say about the Instagram for doctors or why the inventor of the pop-up thinks he created today’s ad-based internet, I recommend you listen to this 15-20 minutes podcast show!

33voices (33voices) 33voices.com

72496_497215807025919_1459394584_n33voices interviews startup founders and entrepreneurs. Expect a lot of motivational talk and business platitudes, but also some great insights and a few helpful tips on how to succeed (or not fail to hard). Listen to a few of the 20-30 minutes when in doubt or before facing a particular challenge and you’ll immediately feel better!

Chasing Product (Christopher Hawkins) chasingproduct.com

e2e65509e41b060f3c78a95973d81f7dIf you are more interested in the day-to-day challenges of a software products business, listen to the ~1 hour episodes of Chasing Product. The down-to-earth discussions (f.ex. episode 17 on “Why the businesses featured in “entreporn” are outliers, not startup realities”) are a good contrast to the interviews of 33voices. And don’t forget to check out the links for each episode on the website, they are a great source of inspiration!

Bonus: Skeptoid (Brian Dunning) skeptoid.com

579623_10150830901706947_857807821_nDon’t just believe everything you read on the Internet! In short, 15-20 minutes soundbites, Skeptoid looks at some of the most annoying myths and conspiracy theories and explains their genesis and how charlatans are exploiting their gullible audience. You might not agree with all the conclusions (f.ex. on nuclear power or alternative medicine), but it sure makes you think about how to approach the next incredible claim by the next new, exciting and revolutionary product.

Jerry Weyer

Jerry Weyer co-founded Clement & Weyer Digital Communication Consultants in 2014 and consults European institutions in Luxembourg on social media management. He studied European law at Université Robert Schuman in Strasbourg and at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is a founding member of Pirate Party Luxembourg and former Co-Chairman of the Pirate Parties International (PPI).

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