5 ways to get your Facebook fans to “see you first”

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Facebook regularly introduces new features, most of them minor changes to the interface or ways for marketers to promote their content. Recently though they added a feature that might change the way pages need to interact with their fans. By adding the “see first” feature, Facebook gives users more power over what content they see in their timeline, and forces marketers to find ways to convince users to select their page as “see first”.

Getting your Facebook fans to click “see first” can only benefit your reach. Here are 5 steps every community manager should consider.

1. Tell and remind your fans to click “see first”

The first and most important way to get users to add your page to their “see first” list is to tell them this feature exists. Don’t be shy with your call to action – if you deliver good value with your regular updates, people want to see more of your content. Also make sure to remind your fans to use this feature and regularly (f.ex. every month) post a picture, video or status update asking your community to enable “see first” on your page.

2. Show your fans how to enable “see first”

Asking your community to enable “see first” is not enough. As the feature is hidden under the “like” button, you need to explain users how they can add you to their “see first” list. Create an infographic in your corporate identity, produce a short video of the intern explaining the feature or let the CEOs 5-year old daughter draw a sketch – however you try to educate your fans for your own benefit, be creative!

3. Integrate “see first” in you everyday communication campaigns

Whether or not the “see first” feature has great implications on your page’s reach on Facebook still has to be determined, but it is clear that you can only benefit when a large number of fans added your page to their list. Consider adapting your current call to action “like our Facebook page” by adding “and chose ‘see first'” to the slogan in you online, and offline campaigns, flyers, newsletter and website.

4. Continue producing great content!

Producing exciting content is the easiest way to increase your reach on Facebook. Continue posting articles your community likes, shares and discusses and you will not only increase the “see first” on your page, but keep those people who already added you to their list from unsubscribing.

5. Monitor your progress and adapt

The impact of the “see first” feature still has to be studied, so it’s important you keep your stats updated and check whether your efforts have an impact on your global reach and engagement. I also recommend you to bookmark and follow the Facebook newsroom to keep up-to-date with new changes to the Facebook features. Adapt your strategy to the results you discover by studying your statistics!

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Jerry Weyer

Jerry Weyer co-founded Clement & Weyer Digital Communication Consultants in 2014 and consults European institutions in Luxembourg on social media management. He studied European law at Université Robert Schuman in Strasbourg and at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is a founding member of Pirate Party Luxembourg and former Co-Chairman of the Pirate Parties International (PPI).

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