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Other topics that are important to me in my political activity.

For a more democratic EU

On 13 September 2023, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will present her speech on the State of the Union 2023 (SOTEU23). The parliamentary elections will also have an influence on EU politics - many decisions are taken in the Council of Ministers, which also includes members of the Luxembourgish government.

There are enough important topics: the war of aggression by Russia in Ukraine, learnings from the sanitary crisis, our continent is suffering from extreme weather. And there was the corruption affair of the MEPs...

For a more democratic EU Grafik Jerry Weyer

What will unfortunately be missing from the discourse will be concrete plans to further democratize the EU institutions. The European institutions must become more democratic and transparent. In the current EU legislative process, the EU Commission dominates at the expense of the European Parliament.

  • The EU Commission President must be elected directly in the European elections;
  • The EU Parliament must also finally get the full powers of a parliament. This includes the right of initiative to be able to submit legislative proposals and the right to decide on the EU budget;
  • Citizens must be more involved through thematic referenda;
  • People should be integrated into the daily life of the EU institutions as far as possible through digital means;
  • A complete transparency register for all meetings of all MEPs, EU Commissioners and their employees.

The nationalist currents and movements in Europe have become more and more present in recent years. I am convinced that there are clear alternatives to ideas that build on a social image that is defined by fear, hatred and despair.

We need a Europe in which everyone should get a fair chance, regardless of their skin color, nationality or religion.

I hope the President of the EU Commission remembers the basic principles of the European Community tomorrow.

A life free from discrimination and violence

The Pirate Party is strongly committed to a tolerant and open society. Xenophobia, homophobia and all kinds of discrimination and violence have no place in such a society. Everyone must have the right to live their lives freely and without fear, regardless of their gender, their religion, their origin, their skin color or the form of their partnership.

A life free from discrimination and violence Grafik Jerry Weyer

We therefore demand:

  • Strict punishment of gender-specific, homophobic, transphobic and racially motivated violence;
  • Prohibition of conversion therapies, with which LGBTIQ+ persons are supposed to be "cured" of their gender identity or sexual orientation;
  • A central point of contact where victims of (sexual/sexualized/gender-specific) violence can receive medical, legal and psychological help without having to go to different services.

The state should protect everyone from inequalities, discrimination and violence, without favoring one model of life. In a modern and fair society, gender, origin and/or socio-economic background should not determine opportunities and freedoms in life.

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Jerry Weyer
Candidate for the legislative elections for the Pirates (Centre)
I am a candidate in the center for the Pirates for the parliamentary elections 2023. I am 37 years old and I work as a digital entrepreneur with my team in our startup on solutions to make administrative processes easier. On this website you will find my political priorities - and do not hesitate to write me on one of my profiles on social media with any questions or comments!