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The digital transformation creates many opportunities, but it involves risks too. Artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning – we should embrace the opportunities that the digital world offers without blindly following new trends. I am politically committed that the State provides a framework for the digital transformation so that we can benefit from the advantages without ignoring or simplifying its risks.

A framework for artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has the potential to significantly improve many processes in various industries, e.g. in the health sector, the financial center or in the IT field. While AI has the potential to improve processes and decision-making, there are also risks associated with the technology, especially when it comes to discrimination.

A framework for artificial intelligence Grafik Jerry Weyer

› We Pirates support a regulation at EU level that promotes the research and development of AI software in Europe and at the same time provides a strong protection of individual fundamental rights.

Contrary to what the name might suggest, these machines are not really "intelligent", because they do not possess consciousness, but they can independently "learn" from code, i.e. find their own ways to solve a problem. AI algorithms can reinforce existing prejudices, leading to discriminatory outcomes. The protection against discrimination and the right to privacy are therefore of central importance when it comes to adequate legislation for the framework of AI.

We therefore demand:

  • A ban on the use of automated systems in the fight against crime;
  • Clear rules in the field of data protection, to which software developers must adhere, as well as appropriate controls. Persons whose data are evaluated by automated systems must be informed and have given their consent;
  • An obligation for commercial providers above a certain size to open their source code in order to be able to understand how their software works.

Clearer rules for digital media

I explicitly welcome all forms of entrepreneurship in the digital field. But in terms of transparency and consumer protection, we also demand clear rules regarding the identification of advertising and paid content and accordingly want to enshrine these rules in a new media law.

Clearer rules for digital media Grafik Jerry Weyer

On radio, TV, websites, podcasts or social media, we need uniform and clear rules for all platforms and types of publications regardless of the medium with which this content is disseminated. Especially when it comes to advertising, product placement and sponsored content, we need legislation that also includes influencers.

› That's why we demand a regulation for sponsored content and product placements on social media.

The current media law is based on the ideas of a world without the Internet and does not do justice to the digital transformation of the past decades. That's why we need a new media law, which from the beginning covers both television and radio as well as digital media as dissemination platforms.

› We therefore want a media law that also covers social media and podcasts.

Gaming - Art & economic sector

Video games are part of our culture - and represent an economic area with great potential.

The development of video games in Luxembourg should be supported more effectively financially and the country's gaming ecosystem should actively be promoted. A gaming fund, that could function similarly to the current Film Fund Luxembourg can support the development of creative national video game projects.

Gaming - Art & economic sector Grafik Jerry Weyer

The gaming industry is a growing industry and Luxembourg should not miss out on expanding this branch of the economy. Young people who are currently following training in the field of gaming in our country would no longer be forced to go abroad to work, but would be able to apply the know-how they have gained in local companies.

We Pirates therefore demand:

  • A gaming fund for the support of Luxembourgish videogame productions;
  • The promotion of Luxembourg as a gaming hub, beyond pure tax policy.

Through this expansion of financial support for Luxembourg's creative industry, the country would further diversify its economy and create new jobs in the cultural and entertainment sector.

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Jerry Weyer
Candidate for the legislative elections for the Pirates (Centre)
I am a candidate in the center for the Pirates for the parliamentary elections 2023. I am 37 years old and I work as a digital entrepreneur with my team in our startup on solutions to make administrative processes easier. On this website you will find my political priorities - and do not hesitate to write me on one of my profiles on social media with any questions or comments!